Friday, July 30, 2010

~tangerine dream skirt regress~

Thanks for all your encouraging comments about my Tangerine Dream Skirt!

I went back and checked the pattern, and  found the pocket yoke does not fit the front properly (naughty Burda!) and this is what is causing the pocket to gape.  Luckily I have enough fabric to recut the yokes so I can enlarge the waist, and maybe even add a hem band to lengthen the skirt.

So I today have unpicked all that topstitching....., and no prizes for guessing what I'm doing in the weekend!

In the meantime - hope you have a lovely one!

Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand, May 2008

Sherry :)


  1. Good luck! I am confident you'll make it work :)
    Have a lovely weekend, I am off on vacation tomorrow but will catch up with you and your sewing adventures in a few weeks!!

  2. It's going to be fantastic! Don't give up!!

  3. I'm glad you'll be able to fix it. It looks great and good luck with your topstitching!!

  4. A commenter on the earlier post re this lovely orange skirt said: "making things where all signs are pointing to NO and yet we plunge forward". Been there, done that! And recently too! Glad to read you have rehabbed your skirt because it really is a great style and colour. I hope that once it is comfortable you will love wearing it.


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